Thursday 30 November 2023

Trial access to the SIAM e-books

Trial access to the full-text e-books from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics  (SIAM) is made available to IISER Thiruvananthapuram for one month starting today.

Click here to access SIAM e-books

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Trial access to the online magazine and newspaper platform “Edzter”

 Trial access to the online magazine and newspaper platform Edzter has been activated for IISER Thiruvananthapuram till 10th Nov 2023. All are requested to access this resource and provide your feedback on this resource.


Steps for accessing Edzter:

·  Type

·  Click on "Access via mail ID"

·  Feed in the mail ID

·  An "OTP" will be sent to the mail ID

·  Feed in the OTP and start accessing

EDZTER Content Highlights:


Indian Content:   5000+ top Indian titles

Top Indian newspapers, including The Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Indian Express, Business Standard, Financial Express, The Statesman, Vijayavani, Dinamani, among 100+ others. 


Top Indian magazines include Business Today, Fortune India, India Today, Banking Finance, Dalaal Street Investment Journal, Mutual Fund Insight, Overdrive, People Matters, Outlook Money, National Geographic India, Business World, The Week, Conde Nast Traveller India, etc. are included in our offering.


International Content: 3,000+ top international titles

Top International newspapers include The Guardian, The Independent, Bangkok Post, The Straits Times, The Mirror, etc. Top international magazines like The Time Magazine, Newsweek, Autocar UK, Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, MIT Sloan Management Review, etc. are included in our offering. 


Additional 1,000+ Books, & Journals

Magzter also offers access to 1,000+ Educational books, and Research Journals.

All are requested to kindly make use of this resource.

Monday 9 October 2023

Online Author Workshop on 11th October, 10:30 AM


In an effort to assist you in being more successful in your research journey, the Central Library,IISER TVM  in collaboration with WILEY, is pleased to arrange the following online workshop by the most sought-after publishing expert in India, Yateendra Joshi.


The participation is for limited seats on a first-come-first-served basis, so please register now.



Date                     : 11th October 2023

Time                     : 10:30 AM to 11.30 AM

Speaker : Yateendra Joshi

Register here      :

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Hindi Book Exhibition

Hindi Book Exhibition, jointly organized by the Central Library and the Official Language Implementation Committee of the Institute, was held during 12-13 September 2023.

A large number of Hindi books were displayed in the exhibition, which was held in the Chemical Science Building of the institute.  Prof.J N Moorthy, Director IISER Thiruvananthapuram, Prof S. Murthy Srinivasula (Dy. Director), Prof.Mahesh Hariharan (Registrar), Deans, HoDs, faculty members, staff, and students of the institute visited the exhibition.

The exhibition was conducted as part of the Hindi Week celebrations organized by the Institute.

Glimpses from the Hindi Book Exhibition

Monday 11 September 2023

Hindi Book Exhibition-2023

 As part of the Hindi week celebration of the institute, an exhibition of the Hindi books is jointly organised by the Central Library and the Official Language Implementation Committee of the institute during 12-13, Sept 2023 at the Chemical Science Building, IISER TVM.

 Prof. J.N Moorthy, (Hon’ble Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram), will inaugurate the exhibition at 4 PM on 12th Sept, 2023. All types of Hindi books will be on display during this exhibition.

Thursday 31 August 2023

Library Orientation schedule on 1st and 2nd Sept 2023

Library Orientation for the following students of BSMS Batch-23 will be held on Friday (1.9.2023) and Saturday (2.9.2023) as per the schedule given below. They are requested to attend the orientation on time.

 Venue: Central Library

Roll No IMS23161  to IMS23187  01.9.2022 (11.30 AM)
Roll No IMS23188 to IMS23201     02.09.2023 (9.15 AM)
Roll No IMS23269 to IMS23281     02.09.2023 (9.15 AM)
Roll No IMS23282 to IMS23306   02.09.2023 (10.15 AM)
Roll No IMS23307 to IMS23333    02.09.2023 (11.15 AM)

Library Orientation for BSMS Batch 23 Students

 Library Orientation for the following students of BSMS Batch-23 will be held as per the following schedule. They are requested to attend the orientation on time.

Date: 31.08.2023 
Venue: Central Library

Roll No IMS23111 to IMS23135     5.30 PM
Roll No IMS23136 to IMS23160    6.30 PM

The library orientation schedule for the students bearing roll no IMS23161 to IMS23201, and IMS269 to IMS2333 will be informed separately.

Wednesday 30 August 2023

Library Orientation for the BSMS Batch-2023 Students

Group-based library orientation for the BSMS 2023 batch was started on 30th Aug 2023 in the training hall of the Central Library. 175 BSMS students underwent library orientation in eight group-wise sessions of 90 minutes each. Students were demonstrated the features of the Library portal, OPAC, Online reservation and renewal facility self service kiosk, mobile-based library services, research support tools, offline and online resources, full-text and bibliographic databases, shelf on mobile facility, etc. They were illustrated the library's functioning with a library tour. The library's rules and regulations were also explained to them.

Library registration of the newly joined students was also concluded. All students of the BSMS batch were provided with an online account to the library portal, which facilitates them for online reservation and renewal and also to check details of the library books borrowed by them.

Dr. Sainul Abideen P, Asst. Librarian coordinated the orientation sessions.

Library orientation sessions for the BSMS 2023 batch

Library orientation sessions for the BSMS 2023 batch will be held in the Central Library (Landmark: First Floor of the SBI ATM).

Students are required to be present in the specific time slots allocated for them for the orientation. Attending the Library orientation is mandatory for creating the library account.

Venue: Central Library
Date: 30.08.2023

IMS23202 to IMS23223   10 AM
IMS23224 to IMS23245   11 AM
IMS23246 to IMS23268   12 PM
IMS23001 to IMS23022     2 PM
IMS23023 to IMS23044    3 PM
IMS23045 to IMS23066    4 PM
IMS23067 to IMS23089    5 PM
IMS23090 to IMS230110   6 PM

Library orientation for IMS23111 to IMS23201, and IMS23269 to IMS23333 will be held on a different date. Its schedule will be announced later.

Monday 14 August 2023

Poster Exhibition held in the Library


Poster Exhibition held in the Library on 14th August 2023

Poster Exhibition held in the Library on 14th August 2023

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Library Orientation for the Newly Joined Students

 Library orientation for the newly joined PhD, IPhD, and MSc. students will be held in the Library Training room on 2nd and 3rd August 2023.

All newly joined students are requested to attend the orientation sessions.

Asst. Librarian

Thursday 27 July 2023

Webinar Sessions on SciFinder-n

CAS (A division of the American Chemical Society), is conducting training webinar sessions on various aspects of the CAS SciFindern as per the following schedule.




Registration Link

Literature Searching


11.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Click Here

Substance and Structure Searching


11.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Click Here

Reaction Searching and Retrosynthesis Planner


11.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Click Here

Advance Searches and Tips & Hints


11.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Click Here

All are requested to kindly register and participate.

Monday 26 June 2023

Training Programme on "Research smarter with Web of Science and EndNote" Concludes

 The training program on "Research smarter with Web of Science and EndNote" organized by the Library was held on 22nd June, 2023. Dr. Subhasree A Nag, Solution Consultant, Clarivate, handled the training session. Dr. Subhasree gave a detailed demonstration of the advanced features of the Web of Science platform, to the faculty, researchers, and staff who attended this training session organised by the Central Library. Dr. Sainul Abideen P, Asst. Librarian welcomed Dr. Subhasree to the session that was held in the Computer Lab of the institute.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

ACS Virtual Classroom on Resume Development for Industry on June 23, 2023


Date & Time: June 23, 2023 17:30 in  India

 About the program

            An interactive 1.5-hour virtual masterclass on "Resume         Development for Industry," where we will explore crafting standout resumes, cover letters, and leveraging LinkedIn for career success. Learn the difference between a resume and CV, discover the essential elements of an excellent resume, and gain insights into crafting a compelling cover letter. Understand how to tailor your application materials to stand out to potential employers. We will also delve into the strategies for leveraging LinkedIn effectively, optimizing your profile, building a professional network, and enhancing industry visibility. This session is designed to provide valuable guidance and empower science and research professionals seeking to advance their careers in the industry.

All student are requested to register for this online event.
Click here to Register

Wednesday 7 June 2023

New Arrival Bulletin dated 7th June 2023

निम्नलिखित पुस्तकों को पुस्तकालय के संग्रह में हाल में जोडा गया हैं | इन किताबों को नए आगमन अनुभाग  में रखा गया है | आप इन पुस्तकों को उधार ले  सकते हैं | Following books are recently added to the Library Collection. These books are kept in the New Arrivals Section. You may borrow these books.



क्र सं SI No

शीर्षक / Title

लेखक / Author


Nano: The Next Revolution

Rajan, M S


The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe  

Hawking, Stephen.


Genetics Today

Jagjit Singh.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Covey, Stephen R


The Sun

Sheth, Parul R


A First Course in Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Cioaba, Sebastian M. & Murty, M. Ram


Elementary Convexity with Optimization

Borkar, Vivek S. & Mallikarjuna Rao,KS


Matrix Analysis and Entrywise Positivity Preservers

Khare, Apoorva.


Functional Analysis

Kesavan, S.


Tales of Neuroscience

The Mind Gala, IndiaBioscience, Thakur Neurodegeneration Lab, Project Encephalon


A Second Course in Analysis

Ram Murty, M.


Stochastic Games and Related Concepts

Parthasarathy, T. & Baby, Sujatha


The Mathematics of India : Concepts, Methods, Connections

Divakaran, P P.


Real Analysis

Simon, Barry.


Basic Complex Analysis

Simon, Barry.


Mathematical Circles : (Russian Experience)

Fomin, Dmitri.


Mathematical Understanding of Nature : Essays on Amazing Physical Phenomena and their Understanding by Mathematicians

Arnold, V.I.


Axiomatic Geometry

Lee, John M.


Advanced Complex Analysis

Simon, Barry.


Harmonic Analysis

Simon, Barry


An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations

Evans, Lawrence C.


Introduction to Tropical Geometry

Maclagan, Diane.


Mathematics Across the Iron Curtain :A History of the Algebraic Theory of Semigroups



A First Course in the Calculus of Variations

Kot, Mark


Tensor categories

Etingof, Pavel.



Ergodic Theory and Fractal Geometry

Furstenberg, Hillel.


Operator Theory

Simon, Barry.


A Thousand Smiles

Rajatava Mukhopadhyay


Bhatnagar Laureates, 1958-2018

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research


Confronting Shadows: An Anthology of Poems on the Wonders of Love and Nature

Jojo, Ria Mary


The Hunger Games : Mockingjay

Collins, Suzanne