Friday 31 March 2017

Archives of Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Access to archival issues of the Angewandte Chemie International Edition have been made available to the Institute. You may access all issues of this journal from 1962 (Vol 1 Issue 1),
All are requested to kindly make use of this resource.

e-Books Integrated with Library Catalogue

Thousands of e-books accessible to the institute have been integrated with the online catalogue of the library
Now, users can access full-text e-books through the library catalogue also, apart from the institute website. Users may also search bibliographic details of e-books, print books and CD/DVDs from the online catalogue.
Request to kindly make use of this facility.

Friday 10 March 2017

Library Develops Searchable Database of CD/DVD

Institute Library has good collection of educational CDs and DVDs. A searchable database of these resources is developed by the library team, which can be accessed from here or through the link provided in the library website

Users may borrow the CD/DVD from the library.

CD/DVD Database @IISER Thiruvananthapuram

Tuesday 7 March 2017

नए आगमन बुलेटिन New Arrival Bulletin वॉल्यूम सं / Vol.No 7 (3), March 2017

निम्नलिखित पुस्तकों को पुस्तकालय के संग्रह में हाल में जोडा गया हैं | इन किताबों को नए आगमन अनुभाग  में रखा गया है | आप इन पुस्तकों को उधार ले  सकते हैं | Following books are recently added to the Library Collection. These books are kept in the New Arrivals Section. You may borrow these books.

शीर्षक /Title
लेखक/ Author
Basic Organometallic Chemistry : Concepts, Syntheses and Applications
Gupta, B.D.
Calculus Vol 1 : One Variable Calculus with an Introduction to Linear Algebra
Apostol, Tom M.
Classical and Quantum Dynamics : From Classical Paths to Path Integrals
Dittrich, Walter.
Experimental Low Temperature Physics
Kent, Anthony.
Mass and Motion in General Relativity
Blanchet, Luc.
Measurements and Their Uncertainties : A Practical Guide to Modern Error Analysis
Hughes, Ifan G.
Optical Waves in Layered Media
Yeh, Pochi.
Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium
Spitzer Jr, Lyman.
Statistical Thermodynamics
Maczek, Andrew.
The Social Conquest of Earth
Wilson, Edward O.
Topology of Metric Spaces
Kumaresan S.
Toward a New Dimension : Exploring the Nanoscale
Marcovich, Anne.
Two-Dimensional Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
Kolobov, Alexander V.
Undergraduate Physics
French, Matthew M.J.
Understanding Voltammetry
Compton, R. G.

Trial Access to the Reaxys Database

Trial access to the Reaxys database is made available to IISER Thiruvananthapuram. 

'Reaxys is a web-based chemistry database consisting of deeply excerpted compounds and related factual properties, reaction and synthesis information as well as bibliographic data, navigated and displayed via an actionable interface'.

Access URL:

Duration of trial  access: Upto 31st March 2017

All are requested to kindly make use of this database.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Senior Editor (CRC Pres) visits IISER Library

Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Senior Editor (Acquisitions) for Engineering/Environmental sciences, CRC Press,  during his visit to the Central  Library, IISER Thiruvananthapuram. Mr. Sreenath (T&F), Dr. Sainul Abideen P ( Officer in Charge Library) and library staff members also seen.

Editorial Workshop Concludes

The Central Library, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Thiruvananthapuram organised an Editorial Workshop on ‘How to Publish with Taylor & Francis’ on 22.02.2017.

The goal of this workshop was to make the IISER community aware of the publishing process, various steps involved and to provide tips and advice in the publishing process and thereby enhancing the publications of the Institute. The workshop was held at the seminar hall of the Institute

The workshop was handled by Dr. Gagandeep Singh, senior editor (acquisitions) for engineering/environmental sciences at the CRC Press. He is also editorial manager for the CRC press team in India and takes care of engineering acquisitions programme in Australia as well.

Faculty members and students were well attended in this workshop. The participants from the permanent campus took part in the workshop via video conferencing.

The workshop started with a welcome address by Dr. Sainul Abideen. P, Asst. Librarian, followed by the presentations by Dr Gagandeep Singh.  Participants got useful insight from the speaker on how to prepare a perfect manuscript and how to avoid the common mistakes while drafting an article. He spoke about the difference parameters of publishing books and articles. He explained what peer review is, and how to handle peer-review comments and talked about the copyright issues and how to manage them to avoid piracy.

At the end of the session, speaker clarified the doubts of the participants by answering their question regarding the topic.

An exhibition of CRC press books was also arranged as part of the workshop, which was attended by faculty members and students.

Dr. Sainul Abideen introducing the speaker

Dr. Gagandeep Singh addressing the audience

Participants of the Editorial Workshop

Faculty members visiting the book display

From the book display

From the book display