Thursday 15 October 2015

Exhibition of Hindi Books

An Exhibition of Hindi Books was held on 14th Sept 2015, as part of the Hindi Week Celebrations of the the Institute. The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. V Ramakrishnan, Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram in the presence of Prof. Srinivasa Murty Srinivasula, Dean (Students Affairs), faculty members, staff and students. Important Hindi books from major publishers were exhibited during the exhibition. Similarly, collection of Hindi books from institute library, was also exhibited for popularising the official language. IISER community including faculty, staff and students enthusiastically visited the exhibition.

Prof. V Ramakrishnan, Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram inaugurating the Hindi Book Exhibition. 

Prof. V Ramakrishnan, Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram visiting the Hindi Book Exhibition. 

 Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, and faculty members, visiting the Hindi Book Exhibition.

From Hindi Book  Exhibition - 2015

नए आगमन बुलेटिन New Arrival Bulletin वॉल्यूम सं / Vol. 5 Issue 8

निम्नलिखित पुस्तकों को पुस्तकालय के संग्रह में हाल में जोडा गया हैं इन किताबों कोनए आगमन अनुभाग    में रखा गया है | आप इन पुस्तकों को उधार ले  सकते हैं Following books are recently added to the     Library Collection. These books are kept in the New Arrivals Section. You may borrow these books.

1Introduction to Numerical Programming : A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers using Python and C/C++Beu, Titus Adrian.
2Lewin's Genes XI Krebs, Jocelyn E.
3Animal PhysiologyHill, Richard W.
4Genomes 3Brown, T. A.
5A Primer of Genome ScienceGibson, Greg.
6Animal PhysiologyHill, Richard W.
7Visual EcologyCronin, Thomas W.
8Molecular Biology of the Gene Watson, James D.
9Plant physiology and development Taiz, Lincoln.
10Biology : Textbook for Class XINCERT
11CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences : 25 Practice SetsGupta, R.
12A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic ChemistrySykes, Peter.
13Advanced Organic Chemistry Part A : Structure and MechanismsCarey, Francis A.
14Advanced Organic Chemistry Part B : Reactions and SynthesisCarey, Francis A.
15Bioinorganic Chemistry : Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life : An Introduction and GuideKaim, Wolfgang.
16Chemistry of the Elements Greenwood, N. N.
17March's Advanced Organic Chemistry : Reactions, Mechanisms, and StructureSmith, Michael B.
18Organic ChemistryMorrison, Robert Thornton
19Organic ChemistryClayden, Jonathan
20Physical ChemistryLaidler, Keith James.
21Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis : Background and Detailed MechanismsKürti, László.
22Organic Synthesis : Strategy and ControlWyatt, Paul.
23Organic Synthesis : the Disconnection ApproachWarren, Stuart G.
24Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds : Principles, and ApplicationsNasipuri, D.
25Quantum ChemistryLevine, Ira N.
26Quantum ChemistryLowe, John P.
27Chemical BondingWinter, Mark J.
28Foundations of Organic Chemistry : Worked ExamplesHornby, Michael.
29Organic Synthesis Willis, Christine L.
30Organometallics 2 : Complexes with Transition Metal-Carbon Pie-BondsBochmann, Manfred.
31Organometallics 1 : Complexes with Transition Metal-Carbon Sigma-BondsBochmann, Manfred.
32Workbook for Organic Synthesis : the Disconnection ApproachWarren, Stuart G.
33Organic ChemistryKlein, David R.
34A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic ChemistrySykes, Peter.
35Bioinorganic Chemistry : Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life : An Introduction and GuideKaim, Wolfgang.
36Concepts and Models of Inorganic Chemistry Douglas, Bodie Eugene.
37Atkins' Physical ChemistryAtkins, Peter
38Chemistry of the Elements Greenwood, N. N.
39Elementary Quantum Chemistry Pilar, Frank L.
40Organic ChemistryMcMurry, John
41Introduction to Molecular Symmetry Ogden, J.S.
42d-Block ChemistryWinter, Mark J.
43Aromatic Heterocyclic ChemistryDavies, David T.
44Top Drugs : Top Synthetic RoutesSaunders, John.
45Oxidation and Reduction in Organic Synthesis Donohoe, Timothy J.
46Pericyclic ReactionsFleming, Ian
47Stereoelectronic Effects Kirby, A.J.
48Introduction to Organic SpectroscopyHarwood, Laurence M.
49Inorganic Chemistry : A Unified ApproachPorterfield, William W.
50Instrumental Methods of AnalysisWillard, Hobart H.
51Principles of Instrumental Analysis Skoog, Douglas A.
52Molecular Reaction Dynamics Levine, Raphael D.
53Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Lakowicz, Joseph R.
54Basic Inorganic ChemistryCotton, F. Albert (Frank Albert)
55Inorganic Chemistry : Principles of Structure and ReactivityHuheey, James E.
56Quantum ChemistryMcQuarrie, Donald A.
57Principles of Instrumental Analysis Skoog, Douglas A.
58Solid State Chemistry : An IntroductionSmart, Lesley.
59Chemistry : Textbook for Class XINCERT
60Chemistry : Textbook for Class XIINCERT
61Concise Inorganic ChemistryLee, J. D.
62Basic Algebraic Geometry 1 : Varieties in Projective SpaceShafarevich, Igor R.
63Basic Algebraic Geometry 2 : Schemes and Complex ManifoldsShafarevich, Igor R.
64Calculus Vol 1 : One Variable Calculus with an Introduction to Linear AlgebraApostol, Tom M.
65Calculus Vol-2 : Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra, With Applications to Differential Equations and ProbabilityApostol, Tom M.
66Introduction to Real AnalysisBartle, Robert G.
67Schaum's Outlines : Complex VariablesSpiegel, Murray R.
68Analysis ITao, Terence
69Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and ScientistsRoss, Sheldon M.
70Mathematical Methods for Physicists : A Comprehensive GuideArfken, George B.
71Principles of Mathematical Analysis Rudin, Walter
72Introductory StatisticsRoss, Sheldon M.
73Linear Algebra : A Geometric ApproachKumaresan, S.
74Algebra Artin, Michael
75Topics in Algebra Herstein, I. N.
76Linear Algebra Hoffman, Kenneth.
77Linear Algebra and Its ApplicationsStrang, Gilbert
78Mathematics for Physicists Dennery, Philippe.
79A First Course in CalculusLang, Serge
80Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Hogg, Robert V.
81Undergraduate Algebra Lang, Serge
82Abstract Algebra Dummit, David Steven.
83Analysis ITao, Terence
84Analysis IITao, Terence
85Calculus : Early TranscendentalsStewart, James
86Linear Algebra Greub, Werner
87Mathematical Analysis Apostol, Tom M.
88Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic CurvesLiu, Qing
89Diffusion : Formalism and ApplicationsDattagupta, Sushanta.
90Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics : A Practical IntroductionToro, Eleuterio F.
91Introduction to ProbabilityGrinstead, Charles M. (Charles Miller)
92Abelian Varieties Mumford, David
93Complex Algebraic Surfaces Beauville, Arnaud.
94Fourier-Mukai Transforms in Algebraic GeometryHuybrechts, Daniel.
95The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of SheavesHuybrechts, Daniel.
96Algebraic Groups and Class Fields : translation of the French editionSerre, Jean-Pierre
97Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Vector Bundles Friedman, Robert
98Introduction to Moduli Problems and Orbit Spaces Newstead, P. E.
99Vector Bundles on Complex Projective Spaces Okonek, Christian
100Ample Subvarieties of Algebraic Varieties Hartshorne, Robin.
101Moduli Spaces and Vector Bundles Bradlow, Steve
102Lectures on Vector Bundles Le Potier, Joseph
103CalculusSpivak, Michael.
104Mathematics : Textbook for Class XINCERT
105Mathematics : Textbook for Class XIINCERT
106Operators on Hilbert SpaceSunder, V.S.
107The Math Explorer : A Journey Through the Beauty of MathematicsWeaver, Jefferson Hane
108Semiconductor Device Fundamentals : With Computer-Based Exercises and Homework ProblemsPierret, Robert F.
109Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Hore, P.J.
110Astrophysical TechniquesKitchin, C. R.
111Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics Powers, Peter E.
112Condensed Matter Optical Spectroscopy : An Illustrated IntroductionIonita, Iulian
113The Principles of ThermodynamicsHari Dass, N. D.
114The Materials Physics CompanionFischer-Cripps, Anthony C.
115An Introduction to MechanicsKleppner, Daniel.
116Electricity and Magnetism Purcell, Edward M.
117Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern PhysicsJewett, John W.
118The Classical Theory of FieldsLandau, L. D. (Lev Davidovich)
119Classical Electrodynamics Jackson, John David
120OpticsHecht, Eugune
121Heat and Thermodynamics Zemansky, Mark W.
122Statistical PhysicsReif, F.
123An Introduction to Thermal PhysicsSchroeder, Daniel V.
124Mathematical Methods : Classical and Quantum PhysicsDass, Tulsi
125Building Scientific ApparatusMoore, John H.
126Solid State PhysicsAshcroft, Neil W.
127Introduction to Crystal Growth : Principles and PracticeBhat, H. L.
128Fundamentals of Physics : Mechanics, Relativity, and ThermodynamicsShankar, R.
129Thallium-Based High-Temperature SuperconductorsHerman, Allen M.
130Physics : Textbook for Class XINCERT
131Physics : Textbook for Class XIINCERT
132Nanotechnology : The Fun and Easy Way to Explore the Science of Matter's Smallest ParticlesBooker, Richard.
133SpectroscopyLampman, Gary M.
134Lilavati's Daughters : The Women Scientists of IndiaGodbole, Rohini M.